Wednesday, 15 January 2014

PECs, Ipads and Communication

Something new I'm trying this term - having a session a week purely aimed at developing the communication of the pupils in my class.

I have 8 pupils - soon to be 9.

1 completely verbal but suffers with word finding difficulties.
1 fairly competent on PECs.
3 that use PECs for snack/lunch only.
1 pmld that mum is attempting to use PECs basic exchanges with.
1 that has just been given an Ipad (Proloquo?) to communicate with.
1 very basic language but chooses to use PECs at times.

Trying very hard to develop PECs in my 3 that use for lunch/snack only - however it is challenging when the others need attention as well. I'm definitely finding it challenging to find holding activities that will keep their attention for longer periods while staff focus their attention on individual pupils for sessions like this. I've planned so I have 2 or 3 completing activities with pupils and 1 floating to occupy floating children... but it's finding the resources to have out that will hold their attention.

One thing I also find difficult is trying to get the 1 with the Ipad to understand it is for communication and isn't just  toy (pressing 'Ambulance' over and over and over again... isn't helpful!). I appreciate that the ipads are a great tool to develop communication, but when they all have one at home to play with, they're struggling to understand that this one belongs to that child and doesn't have the Cbeebies app on!

I feel that developing communication is important because in this group in particular there is a lot of frustration coming out because they are unable to say or get across what they want or don't want.

Suggestions on how to run PECs sessions with KS1 pupils' would be greatly appreciated. Or ideas for holding activities - messy play/treasure baskets etc.

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